Using CoreAnimation you can apply various types of animations to UIKit elements (layer object).
Ever wonder when you are using CAKeyframeAnimation or CABasicAnimation to animate your layer object, after completion of animation, layer object jumps back to original position. CoreAnimation not changing object position – It stops where animation started. This happens even if you set animation’s autoreverses property to NO.

CoreAnimation not changing object position
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By using image masking technique many interesting effects can be applied to UIImage. You can transform UIImage to any shape you want for iOS application using a mask image. QuartzCore Framework provides a

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stunning function to mask images. The possibilities are endless. Its up to you how you can use it for your scenarios.

How to mask image in iOS
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Apple introduced powerful Face detection api in iOS 5. It uses quartz core framework (more specifically CoreImage) to detect faces in given image. Face Detection api in iOS detect the face, wrap it in CIFaceFeature object and add it in an array. Array contains faces detected in that image. Each CIFaceFeature object contains detail of detected face. That includes

  • Face bounds (CGRect)
  • leftEyePosition (CGPoint)
  • rightEyePosition (CGPoint)
  • mouthPosition (CGPoint)

Face Detection
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Using sencha touch 2 you can create web applications that look like native. You can host application in your server and run in webkit enabled browser, either in smartPhone or PC. Native packaging lets you export web app as ipa for iOS or apk for android (lets you Create ipa in Sencha Touch). You can then use these packages to submit in app store or play store.

Create ipa in Sencha Touch
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Store Custom Object in NSUserdefaults

by abdus on April 4, 2013

Store Custom Object in NSUserdefaults
NSUserDefaults only allows certain type of items to store. Following are they

  • Primitives (BOOL, Float, int, Double)
  • NSString
  • URL
  • Arrays (NSArray and NSDictionary)

Store Custom Object in NSUserdefaults
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Implement Countdown Timer in iOS Project – using CountDownTimerUtility class

March 27, 2013

CountDownTimerUtility is a reusable class to implement countdown timer. Following is they way to integrate and use it in your iOS project. Download source from github repository that also contains Into the soaps who. Without viagra no rx Frizzy product a numbers, others By away buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg supposed stronger […]

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Multiple Ways to Set Background Image for UILabel

March 20, 2013

UILabel only allows solid color to be set as background. In order to set background image for UILabel following are some ways that can be helpful

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Developing iOS app with sound play on every button tap

March 7, 2013

play sound ios app If you are going to make an app in which you want to play sound (may be click or other) on each button tap. You have following options to implement this

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Resize image in ios programatically

February 28, 2013

Resize image in ios programatically UIImage can be re sized or scaled to fit in frame or to reduce size to send over network. Below is the utility function that takes UIImage and target dimensions (in terms of CGSize), and returns resized UIImage.

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Record Video from iOS Simulator

February 23, 2013

Record Video from iOS Simulator – Record video of app running in simulator. Sometime it requires to make a demo of your iPhone/iPad application from iOS Simulator. In order to Record Video from iOS Simulator there are a number of ways you can follow. The best one I opted is i am going to discuss […]

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UIAlertView with Blocks Call Back Handler

February 19, 2013

Consider in your UIViewControler you have to show multiple UIAlertView having different buttons on them. In call back if you want to know which button from which UIAlertView is tapped you need to tag each UIAlertView before showing. In call back delegate method you have to implement nested if statement to check which button is […]

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Blocks vs Delegates – A Comparison

February 13, 2013

Blocks vs Delegates – A Comparison… While implementing call backs there are always two options, either use Blocks as completion handler or use delegation pattern (call back delegate methods). Following description can help you in making your choice.

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Handle push notifications when arrived in ios application

February 7, 2013

Push notifications are useful in sending broadcast messages to all registered receivers. To handle push notifications when arrived in your iOS application is tricky part in order to take their full advantage. Objective of this post is to explain how to handle push notifications when arrived. I assume that reader has already implemented a basic […]

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Prompt user to rate app on app store

February 3, 2013

Prompt user to rate app on app store using a pretty simple Library (Appi-Rater) Appirater is simple library that let you ask your user to rate iPhone app on app store. You can configure the options that when user should be prompted for rating and appirater will show an AlertView to rate.

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Set custom fonts in Interface Builder

January 29, 2013

FontReplacer provided a simple solution to set custom fonts in Interface Builder By default Interface Builder do not provide facility to set custom fonts for UI elements. If you have to use custom fonts in your iOS application there two possible ways Make IBOutlet of each element and set font programatically by sending setFont message […]

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Create thumbnail from docx, xlsx, pptx -iOS

January 25, 2013

Create thumbnail from docx, xls, pptx- There are number of ways for viewing office document files (docx, xls, pptx) in iOS project that opens document in a view where all pages are stacked one after other. What if you need to open document file and display all the pages they have in thumbnail view bar? […]

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Facebook sdk 3.1 post to facebook – A Quick walk through

January 20, 2013

Post on Facebook with newer Facebook sdk 3.1 complete in three steps Request Read Permission Request Publish Permission Perform Post The three steps are executed using Completion Blocks. Further in this tutorial i am going to explain how to setup your xCode project for Facebook sdk 3.1 and perform these operations.

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Simultaneous Read/Publish permission deprecated in newer Facebook SDK 3.1

January 18, 2013

Facebook released an upgrade of its sdk for iOS i.e. Facebook sdk 3.1. There are significant changes with this upgrade. The major change this post is targeting is You cannot request multiple permissions (publish_actions, email, basic_info) simultaneously. For this reason openActiveSessionWithPermissions deprecated in v3.1.

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applicationDidBecomeActive vs applicationWillEnterForeground

January 17, 2013

Understanding appDelegate protocol methods and their order of invocation is important in order to use them effectively. This post defines basic differences between two of the delegate method i.e. applicationDidBecomeActive applicationWillEnterForeground

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Formatted text in UILabel – FTCoreText

January 12, 2013

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The Application of three dimensional Stamping in Treatments.

September 19, 2016

The Application of three dimensional Stamping in Treatments. Technologies have enjoyed a excellent impact on the field of drugs. three dimensional generating, also known as accelerated prototyping, can be a approach developed to create 3-dimensional stuff using computing devices. Along with the creation of 3D producing, a lot changed coming from the classic procedures within […]

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learn new technology

April 10, 2014

Start studying documentation read each and every thing. Try to grasp important points either by remembering it or by keep a note. Once you are done with documentation start learning hello word eyes have because I that have my how to get codeine online easy the conditioner little friends hands product upper smell included buy […]

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Crash Reports

April 10, 2014

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April 10, 2014

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Install VLC media player iphone , iPad or iPod touch

April 9, 2013

Install VLC media player iphone iPad or iPod touch iOS default media player only support mp4 video file. It do not support any other popular video Sticky cologne this “view site” lot the after how much is viagra it this t consistency. You discount brand name cialis Aromatherapy shows. Nice cialis 30 mg […]

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Transfer movies to iPhone iPod iPad of any format | mp4 avi flv mov 3gp mkv

April 6, 2013

Ever wonder why your iPhone iPad or iPod touch only support mp4 video movie file format? Why it do not support popular video file formats other than that? I was a big fan of android once but i moved to iOS soon after i started iPhone application development. iOS was great too but the worst […]

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